AMW Digital Limited was founded by Alex Maggs-Wellings, a digital marketing strategist with over 12 years’ experience. This business is truly passionate about getting results in SEO, paid advertising and traffic generation for the clients they work with. AMW Digital specialises in working with companies that understand that excellent marketing will not be achieved overnight but by committing to a long-term investment.

AMW Digital is one of a select number of companies that have built platforms in ecommerce style business and have worked over the years to create successful strategies.
We provide the best data and testing in the industry and have a multitude of successful clients and reviews to show for it; the slightly higher prices charged are a reflection of the results achieved.

Meet the Team

At AMW Digital, Alex Maggs-Welling’s is joined by Paul Daniel Stone who provides expertise in local marketing and Even Tobieson, a top website designer. Each bring years of expertise and experience to the table providing services to the different industries AMW Digital offer. There profiles are listed below.

Alex Maggs Wellings

Head of Digital Marketing
Alex has been in the digital marketing industry for a little over 12 years now, with a background in coaching and psychology. He understands the technical aspect of SEO, Facebook and all aspects of strategic strategy planning for businesses. Over the space of almost 13 years he has tested googles limits and continues to do so using scientist data analysis and a multitude of results across the board with clients and his own online projects.

He understands how websites work in conjunction with the search engines and can read between the lines. His eye has been trained to stop a multitude of potential issues with websites and structure and can easily put together plans of actions for businesses to improve the rankings, traffic and sales to their online business.

Alex’s main gift is to take technical knowledge and nub it down so businesses owners and other less technical-minded people can easily understand and implement. He is a personable person and can easily put people’s minds at ease when things start to get to technical and difficult.

Paul Daniel Stone

Local Search Marketing
Paul worked as an SEO expert and consultant in Manchester since 2007 until he moved to Spain in 2014. He now runs a small agency that specialises in getting results from digital marketing for businesses all around the world . He has spent over 12 years perfecting his strategy in SEO and digital marketing and has over that period gained the best strategy for local and national businesses to gain high positions and traffic in Google. Over the years Paul has become a top search engine optimiser because of his vigorous testing.

Even Tobiesen

Developer - Design - Analytics
Even has been in the online marketing industry for the last seven years and is recognized as an authority figure in many niches. Coming from a background in engineering, he brings a strong technical understanding to present day marketing. He often starts by using analytics to deep dive in projects and find underlying issues or improvements that are often overlooked.

In addition to Google and Facebook advertising, tracking and attribution, Even is experienced in advanced Wordpress development, backend development in Python and Laravel, and modern frontend development in javascript. All of these combined give more weight to his technical and onpage SEO recommendations that result in faster change, and more money for his clients.

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