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Today more people turn to the Internet for advice on medical issues than ever before. 58 percent of site users currently search for information on different medical services and procedures online.

In natural search results, making your hospital or healthcare practise turn up is a smart way to beat out rivals and make sure you stand out for potential customers. But how do you do this when healthcare is such a competitive sector?

A healthcare search engine optimiszation (SEO) campaign that specifically targets these potential patients that help you appear higher for healthcare-specific phrases on the search engine results pages (SERPs). With medical searches and references increasingly popular in search engines, hospital SEO is rapidly becoming a necessity in today's fast-paced, digital world.

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What is SEO?

SEO, or search engine optimization, is the process that enhances your website to allow search engines such as Google and Bing to rank your site within search results. A SEO campaign consists of a variety of steps and best practises to ensure the site is presented to the right audience and SEO hospital can easily become very detailed, depending on your specialties and needs.

SEO can also keep your site up to date with any improvements search engines make to how they view user details. Without SEO, the popularity of your site could fluctuate considerably and prevent you from reaching potential patients as your competitors push ahead of you on the search results pages.

This is one reason why it is important to have an ongoing SEO campaign for hospitals and healthcare rather than a one-off implementation to respond to regular search engine updates.

What are the benefits of SEO for hospitals and healthcare organisations

If you're looking to increase the number of patients coming through your door or to increase the number of procedures taking place at your hospital or clinic, a healthcare campaign SEO is the easiest and most cost-effective way to attract potential customers and boost the reputation of your medical sector, not to mention increasing your ROI!

With 77 per cent of patients using search engine results prior to scheduling a hospital or local practise appointment, it is important to capitalise on these searches by making your website as accessible as possible, whether you are a large hospital or a small local practise. SEO lets you rank higher in SERPs for very specific words or targeted position phrases, such as "Philadelphia cardiology unit."

Health terms are also the most sought after for high-risk or costly procedures. Potential customers, for example, may be opting for "laser eye surgery" rather than non-surgical vision procedures, and an aggressive SEO healthcare strategy is suitable for taking advantage of these.

What is the role of content in SEO?

Through producing original content for your platform, you will become an authoritative voice in the healthcare field, including blog posts, videos, patient testimonials, and interviews, as well as updates about medical breakthroughs or industry changes.

Historically, signs and medical problems have become the most searched after for topics before a prospective patient visits a hospital or medical practise and providing detailed information material on the website is a feature that can not be ignored in promoting user conversions. Such material not only makes the website more user-friendly and insightful, but also allows Google to understand just what the site is about and why it will appear on the first page of related search results.

How does SEO and lead acquisition work?

Lead acquisition is a common SEO goal for many hospitals and healthcare companies. Begin by targeting keywords with a history of sparking conversions and create a content strategy that incorporates those phrases. Don’t forget to include keyword-rich title tags, URLs, and headings. And be sure your meta descriptions accurately describe and promote the content on your site.

When people discover your articles and blog posts online and link to your content, your site will rank higher on the results pages of your search engine (SERP). It will create new leads and get in more patients through the healthcare facility doors.

What is the importance of a mobile-friendly website

Using a mobile responsive website is also an important factor to consider as part of optimising your website, particularly in the medical industry where users can search for urgent information about a disease or condition while away from a desktop.

44 per cent of smartphone patients schedule appointments after discovering online hospital details That ensures providing a user-friendly website is a priority. In addition, Google integrates mobile-friendliness into its ranking criteria, so it's important to consider how its architecture could impact the visibility of your site.

Local SEO for hospitals

This can also be helped by local search factors in your hospital or health-care SEO strategy. Local SEO may help potential patients quickly locate appropriate material for the region they are in or want to look for.

Your local SEO campaign will also involve setting up a new Google Places profile or improving an existing one. It will see the local listing return higher in location-specific outcomes— for example, if a potential patient searches for Dallas hospitals in Dallas.

Make sure you  pay attention to physician and service pages

Many websites of healthcare providers show minimal details for each doctor. I claim to be a prospective patient. What kind of details would you like to see to convince you to arrange a rendezvous?

Key details about each doctor will be on your website, such as qualifications, specialties, office locations and a photo. By adding some personal information and referring to publications to which they contributed, you may also take this one step further.

Consider even making websites for the different programmes the healthcare facility has to offer. This will improve your service-related information rankings, and allow you to demonstrate what makes your hospital special.

Make sure your website responds to important questions like what policies you embrace, where tourists can park and how to get in contact with you. By motivating patients to pick up the phone this will improve conversions!

How can AMW Digital help with your hospital’s SEO?

At AMW Digital we understand that you are working in a time-sensitive industry and may not be able to keep yourself going with the SEO process. It is there that we can help. From content development to outreach and local optimization, we will take over all facets of your hospital SEO strategy to ensure that your precious time is spent serving those who need you most: your patients.

Our team of seasoned internet marketers are here to help you find the Internet success you're searching for. We perform comprehensive research on your rivals, market rankings and target audience before developing a plan that aligns with your business goals to get your SEO campaign to start.

With our internet marketing services for hospitals and healthcare organisations, the website will benefit from increased traffic through rankings in top search engines, as well as building credibility as a company by producing exclusive content and tools for both patients and other medical professionals.

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